Perfect Christmas Hamper

Everybody loves a Christmas hamper, the care and attention to picking out bits that your friends/ family are going to love. There is something very Christmassy about hampers and the special feeling of receiving a hamper. We understand this joy of giving and receiving hampers, we also know exactly what to put in them!

To make it easier for those know don’t have the time to put one together, we offer a bespoke selection of hampers for the perfect Christmas gift! For those who want to know more about what items we believe are perfect for hampers, we are giving you tips on what a delicious hamper needs to include.

The perfect hamper needs to be a mixture of sweet and savoury, and of course delicious!

The sweet items should be bespoke and individual, something they may not have tasted before but they will of course love! Local produce always goes down as a winner! Some butter shortbread or chocolate wafer crispies are an Abigail’s favourite!

The savoury could always be a bespoke adaptation of something they love from the big brands, our locally made chutneys and toast for cheese are top hitters.

Most British people love cheese, that’s why we put together a cheese selection hamper, making it easier for you to get a real selection of flavours without knowing anything about cheese at all! Partnered together with a selection of crackers for the perfect taste fusion, you’re onto a real winner.

Hampers don’t need to be sweet and savoury they can be one or the other, whatever you think the receiver of the gift is going to love! We tailor our hampers to your individual needs, let us know what you would love in there and consider it job done! The perfect Christmas gifts that you most certainly will not be disappointed about.

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