Vacherin Mont D’or. Best Ways To Enjoy This Seasonal Cheese.

This utterly delicious cheese is only available to buy from September to March as the cows come down from the Alps because of the snow and are fed on silage.

It is made from raw cow’s milk and comes as either 500g, 800g or 2kg wheels. It develops a fluffy white mould which appears black as it reaches its spruce box edging

In it’s cold state, straight out of the fridge, the cheese already has a creamy part liquid centre. Allowing to come up to room temperature allows more flavours to develop and the cheese becomes fully flowing meaning it can be scooped out of it’s box just with a chunk of bread.

The cheese can be stuffed and baked with rosemary and garlic or honey and pine nuts to create a luscious dinner party starter.

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