Christmas Decorations, Do’s and Don’ts

Our unique bespoke items are ideal for designing you home with a unique feel in mind, the individual characteristics of products say a lot about your personality and your house should reflect you! From your kitchen to bedrooms, people identify your possessions that should say something about you!

Some people go for simple whereas some go all out, it’s about quality not quantity! Don’t overkill it with sparkly flashing multi-coloured lights! A lovely warm Christmas feeling can be presented with the warm glow of soft bulbs around the doorways, guttering and trees/hedges, they look amazing.

With the lights sorted you can now turn your attention to the main room of the house, the living room. The place that is going to be focal to your Christmas celebrations. Warm welcoming Christmas colours like reds and greens always go down well and if you’re feeling brave, some silvers and purples accompany well. Personal touches like mantel piece decorations always differentiate your house from another’s, a Christmas candle can never go a miss!

Finally, the most Important, the tree. It’s all about personal preference, we have seen trees all shapes, sizes and colours. Its tricky to find a style that suits your home, think about carpets and wall colours when picking decoration colours. Once you have decided, stick to that theme. A couple of colours will do just fine, not a multi-coloured mess! Decorations that are personal are fantastic, something with true meaning to your family really brings in the Christmas spirit.

Everyone loves shopping for their home, whether you are interested in bright colours or calming tones, there is something for everyone at Abigail’s Lifestyle.

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