Cheese Quantities For Christmas

The question I am asked most by my customers is how much cheese to allow for Christmas dinner or for Boxing Day and it is also the reason why I ask customers how many people they are feeding when they ask for a cheese board. My cheese supplier say that 100g per person is always a good guide, so for a dinner for 10people a mixture of 4/5 cheeses weighing in total 1kg would be plenty, costing around £20 depending on the types. Personally from my outside catering I have found this to often be too much and so suggest 70g in total for a dinner party. But when it comes to Christmas the rules go straight out the window and my customers instead opt for anything up to 300g per person but as is often the way it comes out of the fridge time and time again over the next few days and is slowly consumed.

The best thing about cheeses over Christmas is how versatile they can be in terms of cooking and how long they actually last if wrapped properly. A weirdly shaped wedge of part dried brie found in the corner of your fridge can make an excellent toasted sandwich with a dollop of cranberry and some left-over turkey. Or perhaps a few crumbs of stilton thrown into a bubble and squeak or soup and any soft melting cheese like vacherin or camembert can be thrown into a turkey bake and then frozen!

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